treatment of the sexual offender (international journal of behavioural consultation and therapy)

treatment of the sexual offender (international journal of behavioural consultation and therapy)

 Pg. 1:  Introduction to the Special Issue- Phil Rich

 Pg. 2:  Lessons Learned from History and Experience: Five Simple Ways to Improve the Efficacy of Sexual Offender Treatment- Deirdre M. D’Orazio

 Pg. 8:  Some Essential Environmental Ingredients for Sex Offender Reintegration- Douglas P. Boer

 Pg. 12:  Taking a Developmental Approach to Treating Juvenile Sexual Behavior Problems- Kevin Creeden

 Pg. 17:  Using Mindfulness in the Treatment of Adolescent Sexual Abusers: Contributing Common Factor or a Primary Modality?- Jerry L. Jennings, Jack A. Apsche, Paige Blossom, & Corliss Bayles

 Pg. 23:  Expensive, Harmful Policies that Don’t Work or How Juvenile Sexual Offending is Addressed in the U.S.- Elizabeth J. Letourneau & Michael F. Caldwell

 Pg. 30:  The Risk Need Responsivity Model of Offender Rehabilitation: Is There Really a Need For a Paradigm Shift?- Jan Looman & Jeffrey Abracen

 Pg. 37:  A Community Treatment Model for Adolescents Who Sexually Harm: Diverting Youth from Criminal Justice to Therapeutic Responses- Russ Pratt

 Pg. 43:  The Rashomon Dilemma: Perspectives on and Dilemmas in Evidence-Based Practice- David S. Prescott

 Pg. 49:  Youth Sexual Offending: Context, Good-Enough Lives, and Engaging With a Wider Prevention Agenda- Stephen Smallbone, Susan Rayment-Mchugh, & Dimity Smith

 Pg. 55:  Why Prevention? Why Now?- Joan Tabachnick

 Pg. 62:  Implications of our Developing Understanding of Risk and Protective Factors in the Treatment of Adult Male Sexual Offenders- David Thornton

 Pg. 66:  Altruism, Empathy, and Sex Offender Treatment- Tony Ward & Russil Durrant

 Pg. 72:  Putting the “Community” Back in Community Risk Management of Persons Who Have Sexually Abused- Robin J. Wilson & Andrew J. McWhinnie

 Pg. 80:  What were we thinking? Five erroneous assumptions that have fueled specialized interventions for adolescents who have sexually offended- James R. Worling

 Pg. 89:  Treatment of Sexual Offenders: Research, Best Practices, and Emerging Models- Pamela M. Yates



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